Cyber Securing the Physical World

In the era of IoT and its super-fast growing markets there is a rapidly growing demand to secure smart devices in means and manners that are physically embedded in them and are practically unhackable

SecurePush Software Security
Your Personal Multi-Factor Authentication

Reliable and personal user identification and authentication in the virtual space have become a major issue for almost any organization, and especially for online service providers. Organizations everywhere struggle daily to prevent identity theft, online fraud and cybercrime in general, by insistently challenging groups and individuals with criminal, political and other questionable agendas.

Cyber-Physical Security at Your Signal

SecurePush provides advanced rule-based cybersecurity solutions for the physical world and the cyber space

Established in 2011, SecurePush Ltd. is a private company incorporated in Israel, managed by former top-level executives in Cybersecurity, Homeland Security, Electronics, Industrial Controls and Telecommunications, having served in organizations such as SanDisk, the Israel Security Services Agency, Ericsson, and more.

Secure your things

Cyber physical authentication

Locks & Safes

Home Security

Vehicle Anti-theft

Electronic Devices

Virtual Space Security

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Why to choose us


innovative technology for virtual and physical security


Devices protected by SecurePush simply cannot be hacked or broken into

Fits All

Can be applied to any electric circuit/board/controller


To install, DIY skill level


To use, cool and simple app (iOS, Android)


Standalone Unit, Board Asic/SOC, Firmware, Virtual-Space (Code & Plug-in’s)

Remarkable Features

Device embedded signal based security mechanism (Patent Pending)

Embedded authorized user list with personal access policies

Geo-authentication factor to allow users in pre-defined locations or proximities

Multifactor and Group identification and authentication


Rule-based and configurable security policies, managed by Admin

IoT enabler, provides out of the box services to communicate with other end devices and network entities

Multi-Platform – Aftermarket Module, OEM ASIC/SoC, OEM firmware

Biometric identification using Fingerprint, Iris scan, Face recognition or any combination of the three


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