Defending your IoT device at the physical circuit level

SignalWall™ protection prevents unauthorized operation of your connected security product

Designed for OEMs of security products, IoTen™ fits onto your logic board, providing the ultimate protection of hardware rooted security with SignalWall™ technology, so you can safely enhance your product with advanced IoT features

Here are just a few examples of the advanced security functions you can add to your product with SignalWall™

Secured Entrances

Entry to restricted access areas protected with biometric authentication, restricted individual time schedules and entry log reporting in real time

Alarm Systems

Activation and de-activation of alarm with biometric ID, rule base driven alerts and remote approval

Mechanical Security

Enhance safes or any keypad controlled lock with biometric access control, requiring multi-person ID for access or remote authorization

Home Safety

Opening of swimming pool electric safety cover approved remotely by adult with biometric ID via cellphone app

Automotive Security

Enable vehicle sharing fleets or private owners to grant time restricted unlocking and ignition with biometric user ID

Medical Devices

Securing medical devices and equipment against unauthorized program changes and tampering while adding complete smartphone controls

Industrial Controllers

Machine controls or room HVAC settings restricted to authorized personnel with biometric ID or by remote smartphone control

SignalWall™ technology provides absolute Protection:


  • Hardware rooted security
  • Security logic withholds electric signal until authorized
  • Biometric IAM (Identity Authentication Management)
  • Advanced permission settings and access approval flow
  • Identify rogue electrical signals and block them
  • Robust encryption and session management
  • Real time detection of usage anomalies
  •  Always on: Offline mode available for secure entry
  • Lockdown of related devices within a defined LAN

Enhance your security product with cutting edge IoT features


  • Admin defines user permissions and approval flows
  • Remote control
  • 3rd party authorization
  • Customizable mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Alert notifications
  • Device usage logs and stats for owner or admin
  • Realtime detection of suspicious activity with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

IoT capabilities built in

  • Business Insights (BI) for OEM
  • Cloud services for big data annotation and export

Not a manufacturer of things?

Seeking Secure Access for online services?

Securepush patented SPAuth® technology secures access to any restricted online service including websites, VPNs, online payments, firewalls and LDAP to name just a few.

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