Defending your IoT device at the physical circuit level

IoTen creates a physical security gate on your electronic logic circuit with SignalWall™ protection.

For OEM’s seeking to enhance their device with the benefits of IoT connectivity such as remote operation, secured access and usage data for OEM business insights


IoT security risk: Unauthorized operation of your connected device


Physical cybersecurity for your IoT device at the electronic circuit level


IoTen enforces biometric Identity and Access Management (IAM)


SignalWall™ technology blocks rogue electric signals


  • Supports advanced permission settings and access approval flow
  • Remote authorization, including by 3rd party
  • Quiet mode: Trigger-based authorization
  • Always on: Offline mode available for secure entry
  • Big data analysis powered by usage data uploads
  • AI analysis of usage anomalies identifies security breach attempts
  • IoTen form factors: OEM (built-in) and aftermarket
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