About us

IoT for Security OEMs

At Securepush we are committed to providing the ultimate IoT security solution along with a comprehensive suite of IoT services to manufacturers of secured devices that specialize in restricted access.

IoT adds advanced security features to your security product

By connecting your security device, its security features can be significantly enhanced through a variety of cloud services and mobile apps, including biometric and multi-factor authentication, highly configurable user permissions, email alert notifications as well as real time detection of suspicious activity through AI analysis.

Meeting the challenge of connectivity

For any product, the upgrade to IoT presents the challenge of internet security. For products in the security category, meeting this challenge is vital. This means that security must be the prism through which every element of the solution is designed.

You can rely on Securepush products and technology to provide you with the ultimate level of security you require so you can focus on imagining and building all the advanced features afforded by IoT connectivity into your products.

Simplifying the upgrade to IoT

Enhancing your security product with IoT features requires hardware, firmware, cloud services and mobile apps all woven together through communication protocols.

Our focus is on providing fully integrated solutions designed to significantly reduce your development costs and time to market. No need to hire a multi-disciplinary team. Just leave room on your logic board for the IoTen SOC and focus on configuration (and we can help with that, too). It’s as simple as that.

Securepush products and technology

IoTen™ is our SOC line of products designed to fit on logic boards, enhancing security products with advanced features through IoT connectivity.

SignalWall™ is our multi-layer security technology that drives every IoTen™, our mobile apps and cloud services.

Innovation runs deep

Founded in 2011, Securepush patented technology that established itself as a pioneer in the field of multifactor authentication for website portals and VPNs.   

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