About us

SecurePush Ltd. was founded in 2011 by an experienced team of cyber security professionals with expertise in the field of system penetration and human identity authentication systems.

We aim to provide cost-effective and flexible solutions for identification and verification management of local and remote users in a variety of fields, platforms and situations.

The founders have identified a huge gap between the need and availability of solutions for identifying and authenticating users in a wide range of real life scenarios. The company has developed a cutting-edge platform with innovative features for strong user identification, with its 2 product lines made for virtual or physical platforms.

We offer Cyber-Physical Authentication that incorporates human biometric uniqueness using fingerprint, iris and facial scans and incorporate this to prevent identity theft or frauds on virtual platform or physical platform (devices or any electronic circuit).

In Virtual platforms (Software) we offer a variety of plug-ins, easy to implement API’s or customized solutions (Patent) that will fit every IT environment and will allow a 2 factor or multi-factor authentication of one’s identity using his mobile phone or a wearable device.

In Physical (Hardware/IoT) platforms we offer a unique embedded solution (Patent Pending) that can reside on any electronic object such as control boards or electronic devices, that will prevent access to operate the protected object unless the user has identified with his/hers biometric signature (fingerprint, iris, facial), using a mobile or a wearable device.

SecurePush continuously deploys SecurePush globally and in diverse market segments. The platform’s flexibility and resilience enables SecurePush to expand and enhance its offering to new applications and customer needs.

SecurePush is committed to innovation and to delivering high-quality, impossible to hack, solutions to its customers.

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