Introducing IoTen

IoT connectivity SoC with physical cybersecurity at the electronic circuit level

IoTen™ is the SoC that makes your device “smart”. Incorporate IoTen onto your PCB and gain instant IoT connectivity that is inherently secure and integrated with SignalWall mobile apps and cloud services right out of the box. 

Powered by SignalWall security, IoTen defines a new standard of “plug’n’play” for IoT.  SignalWall and IoTen are pre-integrated and pre-configured so you don’t need a team of specialists to make it work.

Hardware Rooted Security

Regardless of where the security breach occurs, IoTen protects your device from unauthorized operation. Installed on the device itself, IoTen creates a physical security checkpoint on the device’s electronic circuit, preventing unauthorized operation.

  • Other cyber security solutions focus on the cloud, mobile and LAN
  • Powered by SignalWall technology, IoTen uniquely enhances your physical security product with hardware rooted cyber security protection 

IoTen™ form factors



IoTen-SoC can be embedded into your product as an integral part of the device



IoTen-X can be connected as an aftermarket add-on to any electric device.



IoTen-EB is an engineering board for design purposes

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