Simplified, Seamless and

Ideal for Manufacturers

Unlike most IoT platforms, IoTen is hardware based. That means your electronics staff (in-house or outsourced) is all you need to make your product smart without the hassle of software integration. Once IoTen is connected to your PCB, the integration with IoTen cloud and mobile components is automatic.

Simple, Flexible Configuration

No coding required. Select the screen functions for your mobile apps, use online tools to assign GPIO definitions and UART data protocols, while usage analytics and business insights (BI) are automatically configured to reflect your product data. This is what we mean by “plug’n’play”!

Hardware rooted security

SignalWall™ security uniquely executes at the device level, while other platforms that execute security at the cloud bear the added risk of network communication to your device. With SignalWall, secure access with an on-site mobile device is still possible even when there is no internet connection. 

SignalWall™ technology provides absolute Protection:

Signal scoping - identify rogue electrical signals and block them

Biometric IAM (Identity Authentication Management)

Advanced permission settings and access approval flow

Robust encryption and session management (based on AES 256)

AI detection of usage anomalies triggering action in real time

M2M communication enables interconnected device security even without an internet connection, e.g. all-device lockdown

Embedded firewall

Always on: Offline mode available for secure entry

All you need to get smart


IoTen Hardware Module

IoTen™, our WiFi connectivity module, is powered by SignalWall™ security firmware. Use IoTen GPIO and UART configuration tools to set custom commands and security flows. You need to have the skills to connect this module to your PCB. And that’s it! The other components are pre-integrated.


IoTen Mobile Apps

IoTen™ mobile apps are ready to use as is. All you have to do is select the function screens relevant to operating each of your different product types. Alternatively, IoTen mobile SDKs are available for custom apps. The apps work right out of the box with the IoTen Hardware Module and Cloud Services. 


IoTen Cloud Services

The IoTen™ OEM portal provides complete device management functions as well as BI analytics reports based on big data reported by the devices in the field. Integrated with the other IoTen components right out of the box.

Make Things

Do Things 

with IoTen™


Secured Entrances

Protect entry to restricted access areas with biometric authentication, restricted individual time schedules and entry log reporting in real time


Alarm Systems

Activation and de-activation of alarm with biometric ID, rule base driven alerts and remote approval


Mechanical Security

Enhance safes or any keypad controlled lock with biometric access control, requiring multi-person ID for access or remote authorization


Home appliances

Add secure remote operation to home appliances while providing valuable usage data & analytics to OEM



Automotive Security

Enable vehicle sharing fleets or private owners to grant time restricted unlocking and ignition with biometric user ID


Medical Devices

Secure medical devices and equipment against unauthorized program changes and tampering while adding complete smartphone controls

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Espresso Machines

Enable recurring revenues by tracking water throughput and cups of coffee made, triggering re-orders of coffee and scheduling machine maintenance

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