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IoT is a simple idea.

  • IoT is the Internet of Things. IoT refers to connecting a product (“thing”) to the internet network. What’s in it for the manufacturer?
  • An internet connection can enhance your product’s functionality by adding “smart” features such as remote control through a mobile device, sending the owner alerts and notifications, or applying cloud powered processing to data from the product’s sensors.
  • New business models and revenue streams are made possible when each device (“thing”) sends usage or sensor data up to the cloud. For example, reminding your customer to re-order espresso capsules for their coffee machine based on actual usage. This can be a convenience for the customer while ensuring that the supplies are purchased from the manufacturer.

Going IoT hasn’t been so simple.

Until Now.

  • Security becomes a major concern for any product that is connected to the internet.
  • Implementing IoT requires three main components that must be seamlessly integrated.
    • Network connectivity hardware: A communication microprocessor connected to your product adding RF capabilities (e.g. WiFi)
    • Mobile apps: IoT or Android apps that provide remote control functionality to the user.
    • Cloud services: An online dashboard and control center that provides the manufacturer with usage data of its devices, business insights and device management functions such as over the air (OTA) software updates.

Enter Securepush

With the manufacturer in mind, Securepush makes “going IoT” simple and secure.

  • We know you have electronics resources, but not necessarily internet, cloud and mobile app developers.
  • We know you can’t afford to risk your brand with an unsecured internet connection
  • We know you’re up against competition that is already working on their own IoT enhanced products
  • We know you need an IoT solution that just works. Now.

IoTen™ is our hardware secured, pre-configured platform that works right out of the box and includes everything you need for IoT:

  • Connectivity hardware module
  • Mobile apps
  • Cloud services

SignalWall™ is our multi-layer security technology providing the ultimate protection of hardware rooted security to the IoTen™ platform.

Comprehensive IAM (Identity and Access Management) enforced by biometric technologies make SignalWall and IoTen a particularly good fit for manufacturers of secured devices that promise restricted access.

Founded in 2011, Securepush patented technology that established itself as a pioneer in the field of multifactor authentication for website portals and VPNs.

Our current IoT offering is based in part on this IP.

Securepush is backed by IXYS [NASDAQ: IXYS]

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