Home Safety

Stop worrying about your unattended swimming pool…

Concerned about leaving your swimming pool unattended? Have too many people figured out the pin code to opening your expensive electric cover?

By adding IoTen™ with SignalWall™ technology to the electric lock mechanism, the owner can easily configure user permissions for operating the electric cover, including required remote approval by an adult. 

Integrated home security

Achieve better security, easier to configure and simpler to control from anywhere with  SignalWall enabled components that are interconnected, share setting information and can be programmed to respond as a group to a perceived threat.

Go IoT. Backed by SignalWall

While these advanced features all require internet connection, the multi-layered security of SignalWall technology provides an impermeable defense for your product against the risks of cyber threats specifically designed to meet the top grade protection required for security products.

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