Industrial Controllers

More control

IoTen™ with SignalWall™ technology enables organizations to restrict operation of machine controls or changes to room controls such as temperature, humidity or lighting to authorized personnel with biometric ID.

Remote control

Moreover, by taking advantage of the SignalWall mobile apps, the end user can be granted remote smartphone control for as wide an array of functions as they choose to implement.

Alert control

The SignalWall rule base enables the admin to define triggers for alert notifications and add required remote authorization. Triggers can include operation by specific users, at unusual times of day or geographic location in the case of remote operation.

Go IoT. Backed by SignalWall

While these advanced features all require internet connection, the multi-layered security of SignalWall technology provides an impermeable defense for your product against the risks of cyber threats specifically designed to meet the high grade protection required for security products.

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