Secured Entrances

Restricted access zones

Securepush offers a secure IoT solution for those restricted access zones within office or industrial complexes where physical points of entry require positive user identification.  By connecting those points of entry to cloud services, the level of security and control may be significantly improved.

When connected to an existing PIN controlled lock, IoTen™ with SignalWall™ technology add

  • Biometric authentication positive ID of the person entering
  • The ability to define allowed hours of access per user
  • The ability to define triggers for remote supervisor approval
  • Complete logs of every entry and exit


Go IoT. Backed by SignalWall

While these advanced features all require internet connection, the multi-layered security of SignalWall technology provides an impermeable defense for your product against the risks of cyber threats specifically designed to meet the high grade protection required for security products.


IoTen is available for OEM devices or aftermarket installation

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