Securing Automotive

Who’s going for a ride?

As vehicle sharing becomes a viable business model, the need for positive user identification is paramount for logging and billing vehicle usage. IoTen™ with SignalWall™ technology enables vehicle sharing fleets to grant time restricted unlocking and ignition with biometric user ID, especially on cars with keyless systems.

Next generation drivers

When your kid gets their driver’s license, you may want to restrict their hours of access to the car, or require adult approval for each use. IoTen X (our aftermarket product) with SignalWall technology enables the car owner to enforce this type of control with biometric ID via the driver’s cellphone.

Go IoT. Backed by SignalWall

While these advanced features all require internet connection, the multi-layered security of SignalWall technology provides an impermeable defense for your product against the risks of cyber threats specifically designed to meet the top grade protection required for security products.

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