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When you know exactly what you want your product to do and just need to make it happen, ASAP. IoTen configuration is so simple it can be done in a matter of days (or less) – no programming required!

Make no mistake – IoTen is not just plug’n’play, it is also a robust, full featured platform that includes a hardware connectivity module, mobile apps and cloud services, all seamlessly integrated and pre-configured to work right out of the box.


Full Featured IoT Platform


Don’t forget secure.

We've got you covered. In your drive to get your IoT product ready and out to market, we haven't forgotten the risks of an internet connected product. With IoTen your product gets the ultimate protection of SignalWall hardware rooted security.

Learn more about SignalWall

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Simple, flexible configuration

Automatically configured business insights, tailored to reflect your products. Available simply as a result of labeling your data fields.

Data portability to AWS or Azure with IoTen plugins, giving you the freedom to process your data with a wider variety of available tools.

Use GPIO high level scripting tool to assign electronic signal functions to each GPIO on the IoTen, no programming required! 

Configure a ready-made mobile app for your product by selecting the function screens you need. No coding required.

User defined communication protocols require no coding to define the UART data fields, so you can aggregate the exact data you need.

IoTen Cloud Portal for Manufacturers

New Revenue Streams

IoTen enables setting usage based triggers for your CRM so you can prompt the user for purchasing service or supplies based on their actual usage.  Your end customer enjoys the ultimate convenience of automated reminders and even purchasing & delivery. Your revenue stream is bolstered by business otherwise potentially lost.

Big data analysis powered by usage data uploads

IoTen cloud portal for manufacturers features an array of predefined reports that are automatically customized to your the data fields relevant to your products.

Comprehensive business insights based on global aggregate usage of your products in the field enable:

  • proactive marketing based on individual usage data.
  • Mapping geographical locations of product
  • Device and security statistics
  • Repair service prediction and analysis
  • improved customer service

Device Management

Device management and configuration tools include:

  • OTA firmware update management
  • a user friendly rule base for defining security defaults or usage parameters for free/freemium features
  • GPIO high level scripting tool
  • UART communication protocol tool
  • IoTen inventory assignment 

Mobile Apps

Remote access, ready to go!

A single convenient IoTen mobile app (Android & iOS) enable the end user to operate all of their IoTen devices from a single app. For the manufacturer, a simple checklist enables configuration of each product type to include the relevant function screens on the mobile app.

For manufacturers that have a need for their own separate mobile app, integrated SDKs are available.

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