Securepush Online

Secure Access for online services

Securepush patented SPAuth® technology secures access to any restricted online service including websites, VPNs, online payments, firewalls and LDAP to name just a few.

Patented Security

Security is our core IP. SecurePush utilizes a patented layered protocol and process to communicate between the SecurePush platform, smart mobile devices, organizations and logical identities, thus protecting your online environment from various security scenarios, such as man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing attempts, etc.

Our unique patented protocol and processes combine several encryption and protection mechanisms such as SSL, AES encryption, SHA1 hashing, Public/Private Keys and other sophisticated algorithms.

Getting very personal

SPAuth® enforces biometric user identification using existing smartphone devices. By using fingerprint, iris scan or face recognition you can rest assured that you’re granting access not just to an authorized device, but to the intended authorized person. You can’t get more personal than that…

At the right place, at the right time

You decide when authorized users may access the system and when they may not. Easily schedule included or excluded access hours for each user. As an additional measure of security, you may also define each user’s expected geographical location, based on their smartphone GPS.

Customized Multi-factor Authentication

Our powerful yet easy to configure rule base gives you the tools to define a customized authorization flow for your application. For example:

  • Require approval by one or more users for an authorization request
  • Define exception handling (i.e. create alert, require 3rd party approval or deny access) in cases such as unexpected location or off-hours access attempt.

On-Premises or Cloud

The SecurePush platform can be used as an online cloud service or as an on-premises installation and integrated into a variety of enterprise systems (Firewalls, VPN’s, LDAP, RADIUS, etc.) and online services.

SSL-VPN Access

SecurePush enables organizations to protect all VPN access to network resources, while granting access to authorized users only. SecurePush includes the SPProxy® that can be easily integrated and deployed with any existing VPN hardware and software as well as with Active Directory or RADIUS servers.

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