MakeYour Product Smart Today

Order your IoTen PoC Kit and make your product smart. In as little as 30 minutes you can retrofit IoTen to an existing product and begin to experience the advantages of an internet connected product. Just download the IoTen mobile app and you will experience biometric access control to operation of your product.

Our support staff will provide all the guidance you need to install your IoTen and walk you through the IoTen cloud.

Optionally, send us your product and we’ll install and ship your connected product back to you.

Need Help Selecting the Right Kit For You?

Our engineers are happy to help you select the kit that’s best suited to your needs. The success of your PoC is in our best interest.  

We’ve prepared this questionnaire that will familiarize us with your needs and help us guide you to make the right selection. Click the button below to complete the questionnaire.

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